Annie, Summer A., Avalon, Kendelle, Joanne, Amanda, and Ariane

Group Members and Roles

  • Summer - Leader/Speech Writer
  • Avalon - TV Commercial
  • Annie- Photographer, Journalist, and Social Media
  • Kendelle - Graphical Artist
  • Amanda - Brochure/Flyer
  • Joanne - Gouverneur Morris/Speaker, Radio PSA and Social Media
  • Ariane- George Mason/Debater

Group Slogan

"Abolition is our mission!"

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

  • Extreme restrictions, if not the abolition of slavery
  • Slaves are not included for representation

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • To enforce that, "All men are created equal"
  • Slaves are men just like those who do not have the title of "slave"
  • "Treat others how you want to be treated"
  • What is it that makes a slave a chattel and not an equal and free man?

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Fear, misery, and death blanketed the air of the slave ship. Days have passed since the dark young man had been kidnapped from his village by rival tribesmen, traded to brutal, pale men, and shoved into the large, yet compacted disease-ridden ship. His captors chain and pack him together with other innocent men, women, and children like sardines
in a can. After endearing nearly two months of pure hell, the young man is separated from the festering corpses he had been chained to. He is forced off the ship and brought into a marketplace. There, more white men auction him and a few others off like livestock to a wealthy Dixiecrat tyrant (you should totally point at the dixies here! haha). They are brought to a vast plantation, filled with others just like themselves. It is here where they will face a life of enslavement. It is here where they will labor night and day in the fields. It is here where they will be whipped and treated like cattle by the cruel overseers. The slightest infraction could cause them their life, if they are not worked to death first.

I, Governor Morris, stand before my fellow men, as a man against this horrendous slave system that has diseased our nation and its inhabitants. Today, I look to my equal men to question this institutionalized slavery that is breeding in our what-is-supposed-to-be, free nation. I look to you, to see the men, women, and children as humans who share the same blood, sweat, tears, emotions as you. I look to you as my equal men, and ask you to see the millions of slaves that inhabit this country as your equal.

Our ancestors came to this nation as a people fleeing corruption and oppression; searching for success and individual freedom. But what have we done? Perhaps we have achieved freedom, but at the expense of our fellow black brothers, sisters, and children. We have achieved individual liberty yet we beat, lynch, brutalize, and vilify our fellow people. This is not liberty.This is a curse of heaven, a moral abomination.
The claim has been made that we need slaves because without them we would be in economic turmoil. But why compromise someone’s life for your economy? Why do we not bend and break our backs in the tobacco fields and wipe up our own stoves? Why did we travel to this great nation to sit around lazily and force our black brothers and sisters to do our dirty work?

Not only is our sin preposterous in the eyes of those overseas and those in this great nation; it is a sin in the eyes of our great and almighty god. We are subjecting others to suffering. But hear me out [pause?] this suffering we have put our black brothers and sisters through will come back to scourge us in the backs. If we do not mend this mess we have given birth to,WE SHALL BURN IN THE FIERY PITS OF HELL. The pain that our slaves have endured here on this Earth will be the same pain that will occupy our bodies when we are punished for our irremediable sins.

We didn’t want to pay taxes and we consider King George to be a tyrannical leader, yet tell me, how is the brutality that we subject slaves to less destructive than a few taxes that we had to pay? How is our money more important than the lives of fellow human beings? It is not.
We hate King George; but what we do not see, is that we are King George. In the eyes of the mothers who were helplessly raped and torn from their children and in the eyes of the fathers who were lynched with a metal rod, searing the very flesh of their backs; we are King George. We are tyrannical. We are greedy. We are unjust. And we are hypocrites.

I stand here speaking to men who are 100 percent man with no exceptions. They were born 100 percent man and will die 100 percent man. But I look on a southern plantation and see men who are told that they are 3/5ths man. How paradoxical, considering they are as strong, as smart, as determined, and as man as us. They are 100 percent man.

Our revolution ended 6 years ago and what caused it was injustice. The treatment of slaves is no better, in fact, it is worse than the injustices we faced. A long train of abuses and usurpations led to the freedom that we claim today. Black men and women in the new world have endured enough abuses and usurpations and their Bacon’s Rebellion is sure to upheave sooner than later.

If we can justify our freedom, then why not justify every man’s freedom? We have fought for our freedom; now is the time to fight for the freedom of the oppressed. We claim that when the government becomes tyrannical it is the citizen’s duty to overthrow the government. But when those committing tyranny are the citizens, is it not the job of the oppressed to overthrow them?

The man who has endured years of brutality from his white slavemaster is not going to turn the other cheek any longer, and neither should we, for abolition is the only mission.
It is time, today, to stand up for what is right. Not what is right for our economy, but what is right for God, for ourselves, for our brothers and sisters, for our united States of America.



Why Our Plan is Good:

  • We would become a prime example of justice, liberty and equality.
  • Paying jobs would increase, and the economy would become more stable.
  • Creates freedom for all men, therefor slaves (and people in general) would become content.
  • We are standing up for what is right: equal men.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

Opinionated people joined together to from the continental congress. these people came from different places, with different ideas, and could agree on only one thing, they didn't want to end up like Britain. there were two major issues. the first, what government was going to work.

The Virginians pushed for the idea of representation in congress based on population. They're a bigger state and this was really all a hoax to get more Virginia representatives in Congress. “More Population Deserves More Representation!” they yelled, as they were met with the opposing believers of the New Jersey plan. The New Jersey-ans “Equal Rep. is the Right Step!” New jersey is smaller than Virginia, so of course they would rather have everyone on an equal playing field. In the middle of these juxtaposing ideas sat The indecisive believers in the great compromise. these people shouted “We must COMPROMISE, or it will be our demise! Join or die!” They looked for a middle ground between the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan.

But the more important issue discussed was the issue of slavery. Mr. George Mason spoke first. He spoke of the morally wrong use of slaves. He pushed for the abolition of slavery as he heroically stated, "Abolition is our mission!" He spoke for those who didn't have the right to be free in this new free country, let alone speak in the continental congress. His powerful message tensed the entire room, but irked the insensitive Dixiecrat bigots who were yelling derogatory slurs at the heroic Mason throughout his entire speech that was filled with revolutionary ideas.

The vile slave owner and member of the Dixiecrat Bloc, Mr Charles Pinckney, stated “ We can’t grow without the negro.” Pinckney was only considering his own wealth and success and refused to see the slaves as the people they really are. As he stood on the podium you could see his incompetence leaking from the foam eagle visor (and pits) that he wore with full-hearted pride and ignorance.

During the debate, Pinckney and his accomplice (who was just as incompetent as him) argued with the eloquent Mason about why their foolish lazy bums deserve to own slaves. They stated that they saved them from the “hell pit that is Africa” without the knowledge that Africa need not be saved. They were captivated in their own selfishness that they failed to recognize that Africans do not need saving from Africa, but from the south. Considering Pinckney’s ancestors came to Virginia and ate frozen men because they were too helpless to hunt and make food, just highlights that they have no understanding as to who needs saving.


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