Andrew, Shelby, Ciera, James, Tyler, and Trevor

Group Members and Roles

  • James: Speaker
  • Andrew: Debater
  • Trevor: Graphic Designer
  • Ciera: Journalist
  • Tyler: Radio ad and TV ad Designer
  • Shelby: Photographer and Pamphlet Designer

Group Slogan

We can't grow without the Negro.

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

  • Keep Slavery
  • Forbid taxes on or laws affecting the importation of slaves.
  • Slaves count as population in a representative government, but their masters vote for them.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • 3/5 compromise
  • 2/3 majority needed to pass laws regarding slavery in the future.
  • No taxes on slavery.
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Orator: Text of Your Speech

Hello, fellow gentlemen of the Convention, I am grateful to all of you for coming out on this fine day to help design a new constitution. I think a round of congratulations is in order to thank you all in your part in the long battle to overthrow the tyrannical Britain. But, now we must work together to create a nation that all are happy with and that won’t fall apart.
I am here today to represent the great South. We are sadly coming to you in a state of great despair though, our economy is weak and much of our lands are ruined. While the New Englander’s started the revolution, the last, and the more brutal of the fighting occurred in the south. Our lands were razed, our crops burnt, and our families killed. But, we still fought on and wish to join in union with the rest of you to form a permanent country.
However, there are some issues that must be discussed before we can truly enter into a union with you folks, and the first thing I want to talk about is slavery. While those over at the Crispus Attucks Coalition are trying to deceive you into thinking that slavery is even an issue, I am here to tell you that it is completely non-negotiable. In simple terms, slavery stays and the south will stay, or we will go our own way. That is how important slavery is to the south, it is our way of life. Simply put, we can’t grow, without the Negro.

While people may try and tell you that slavery is a moral issue, I can assure you that it is not. Our slaves are our property and as you all remember the reason we fought this revolution was because of tyrannical taxes on our property, and any attempt to disband slavery will be treated as an equal tyranny. There is also no reason for the slaves to even want to be freed. We have taken these savages out of Africa, Christianized them, and provided a place in society for them and all future generations of their family. We feed, clothe, and care for our slaves in all aspects, and the majority of slave owners try to do right by their slaves, we only whip them when they’re bad. Now compare this to an indentured servant, the white equivalent of a slave. Both do the same work, the only difference is after a set time the indentured servant is kicked out with no supplies and forced to fend for himself and usually dies. Also, indentured servants are worked harder, because they are only around for a short time, and no one cares if they die because they are less of an investment. With the Negroes, we provide and care for them their whole lives, and even include their families and children in our care. Slavery is clearly the better moral option.
Now, when it comes to representation on a population basis, we believe that slaves should be included in the population. Legislation will be affecting the slaves just as much as it will affect you and I, so they need to be represented as well, but since they are too uneducated to make responsible votes, their masters will vote for them. If this does not happen, then the south will be horribly underrepresented because if we only count the whites there are far less of us than those in the North. To misrepresent us would be a heinous crime as we provide just as much to this nation as the rest of you, and even arguably more so in terms of the economy.
Lastly, we want a guarantee, in the constitution, that no laws outlawing slavery, no national legislation on slave imports, and no taxes on slave imports be passed without a 2/3 majority vote. That is the compromise we are willing to make. For now, any mention of changes to the slave system is anathema to us and will not even be considered, but here is what we give you, a way to disband slavery if it ever becomes no longer necessary in the far distant future.
So please, when you cast your vote, think carefully, for we do want to be a part of this nation, but if any motion is made against slavery we will not hesitate to secede and become our own country, or even rejoin Britain, because there’s no two ways about it, we can’t grow, without the Negro. Thank you.

Why Our Plan is Good:

We all want a growing, prosperous, powerful economic nation. Am I not correct in saying this? With our plan, the dixiecrat bloc plan, this is exactly what the United States will become. Keeping slaves helps allow our farmers and plantations to grow and harvest more food, tobacco and other crops. We will be able to supply for our nation as well as have an abundance of crops to trade with other nations. We can’t grow without the Negro- so if you want a prosperous economically stable nation, vote for the Dixiecrat plan.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

The Dixiecrat Bloc advocates to keep slavery to give them a place to live, to Christianize them, feed, and cloth them. There is no reason for the slaves to want to be free because they know no different, and have an integral part of the family that has bought them. Not only can the South hold its own through a strong agriculturally based economy, but the rest of the states will suffer if we succeed.

First off, the Virginia Plan argued that their state would have more votes due to having more people and are wanting to represent equally. “America…I am a republican” and “we will fail…” clearly represent their ineffective argument.

Then, the New Jersey Plan argued why they thought their plan was the best. They advocate for equal representation for each state, not each individual. They represented their ideas quite weakly through sexist comments such as, “women do not belong in Congress.”

After that, came along the Great Compromise who combines both the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan to give both equal representation, but not to represent by population. They showed their lack of intelligence put into this plan through stating, “We will continue to weigh in our stubbornness,” while Jonathon commented with such an insightful answer, “we might be children but at least we are potty trained.”

Next, the Crispus Attucks Coalition argued to free slaves, buy more land to allow growth and to truly be a free country, yet their argument fell weak when saying, “The slaves are not worked to death.” This statement is ironic because they are supposed to be against slavery but they are advocating for it by implying that the slaves are treated genuinely well. Tyler also challenged their point by sneaking in, “don’t knock until you try it.” This statement is true in the fact that their group does not know what life is like in Africa and controversial since they themselves own slaves.

Our group, the Dixiecrat Bloc, proved all possible points in why slavery is necessary in the South. James stated, “We will come up with a way to disband slavery when it becomes no longer necessary to our agriculturally based economy.” Lastly, our group proved that black slaves are better off than indentured servants because “the indentured servants are kicked out with no money, no job, etc.” The black slaves have a place to live, usually stay with the same families their whole life, have religion, clothing and are fed. The indentured servants are not treated as well since they are only expected to stay alive for their working term, 5 years.


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