Ariana V., Summer D., Paris D, Maddy R., Claire B., Jay, Paris S., and Elise

Group Members and Roles

  • Claire: Radio and Graphic
  • Elise: Social Media and Photographer
  • Paris D: Social Media and Radio PSA
  • Summer: Leader, Journalist, and Speech
  • Jay: Graphic, Video PSA
  • Madeleine: Flyer/Brochure/Pamphlet
  • Paris S: Journalist
  • Ariana: Speech and Debater

Group Slogan

We must COMPROMISE, or it will be our demise! Join or die!

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

We, the Great Compromise, want a bicameral legislature, as proposed by the Virginia Plan. The lower house would have representatives proportionate to population, elected by the people, and the representatives of the upper house would be elected by the members of the lower house. In the upper house, each state would have two representatives, regardless of population. Compromise is the key. We want to find a happy medium between both the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan, so we can achieve a strong American government, and grow as a country.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Bicameral legislature- one house according to population and the with other equal representation regardless to population
  • More centralized government while still keeping the power close to the people
  • Three branches of government with a system of checks and balances
  • Convince The New Jersey Plan and The Virginia Plan that compromising will benefit both of their plans, and America

Orator: Text of Your Speech

My fellow Americans,
It is essential that I communicate to the throng before me that a combination of these two opposing sides is the only solution in finding peace. If we continue to wade in our stubbornness, and drown in our defiance, our divine and independent government for which we have fought for, and have so treasured, will become completely lost in a devastating abyss of uncertainty; and our beloved nation will die. Isn’t it ironic, how the very independence that we have won with our own flesh and blood, is now separating us, and slowly disintegrating
the government and land of prosperity, which we so fervently fought for? We must not let our differing and independent ideas lead to our newly born nation’s demise. Rather, we must compromise; not insist that the wholeness of one faction’s ideas be completely accepted, and the other’s absolutely denied. We must recognize each other’s differences, and embrace our similarities in a way that unifies us under one law and one goal. Our highest wish is to appeal to and respect the ideas of both of these proposals; The Virginia Plan, and the New Jersey Plan. Gentlemen, join or die, we still must hang together or we will most assuredly hang separately.
The honorable representatives of the Virginia Plan wish to have a strong, national government with three branches; an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch; a noble system of checks and balances to ensure the absence of despotism. You support the idea of the executive branch being elected by the legislative branch, while you hope for the judiciary branch to be appointed by the executive branch. You must realize then, that this is the same idea in which the delegates of the New Jersey Plan are striving towards. However, they request equal representation regardless of their population. Did they not fight for the same independence and freedom as you? My brethren, let the only element separating our nation of compromise and justice, be distance. Supporters of the Virginia Plan, I urge you to not oppress the less populated states; you would be committing the same dreadful mistake as Great Britain did with the American colonies. New Jersey delegates, I implore you, do not scourge the desires of your fellow countrymen, fo­­r their vision is valid. It is true that they possess more citizens, and thusly require more votes to represent them all. However, it is without iniquity to smooth and blend together these plans to make one of congruity and triumph. Is this not the fundamental principle upon which country this was founded: Freedom, diversity, and opportunity? Do not spurn one another’s plans for action, and do not raise cause for any greater sights of dissension. Rather, the leaders of these opposing factions need to come together, share their ideas, and combine them beneath a compromise; this will then enable you to consider your brothers’ ideas as equal to your own. This will rapturously abate our quarrelling, and it will produce an auspicious, prosperous, and peacefully heterogeneous government that suites every states’ specific and equally important needs. So I leave you with this last and final message: Join or die; for if we do not compromise, we will surely be led to our demise.

Why Our Plan is Good:

It presents a better chance at preserving the unity while satisfying both large and small states' desires. Our plan prevents the small states from being squabbled and the large states from obtaining too much power. Compromising is the solution.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

The slogan, “We must compromise, or it will be our demise! Join or die!” flooded into the ears of those who took part in the Constitutional Convention. Delivered by those on favor of the Great Compromise, they made their goals crystal clear before the convention.

In favor of unity, they want to combine the ideals of both the Virginia and New Jersey Plans. They have recognized the overwhelming need to remake the Articles of Confederation and that it has many flaws.

The Virginia Plan, in favor of “one man, one vote,” thinks that a state with more people, like Virginia, should have more representatives in parliament. In contrast, the New Jersey Plan makes a case for equal representation among every state. They fear that their miniscule state, in comparison to Virginia, will be overpowered. Stating, “To be or not to be equal in representation,” their concern can be felt by the entire convention.

The Great compromise, taking in account of each plan’s demands, is in favor of three branches of government: Legislative, Judicial, and Executive, as well as a system of checks and balances to regulate power.
The Great Compromise recognizes the need for compromise and that the American government will surely fail unless it is able to agree on similar aspects regarding these plans.

The issue of slavery was prevalent during the convention as well. “We are slaves to slavery,” is just one point that the Crispus Attucks Coalition fervently made. However, the Dixiecrat Block makes the point that America’s economy is weak from the war and that we need slaves to strengthen it.

There is no way that each of these groups are going to get everything thing they desire. This is precisely why we must settle for a compromise. The time is now to listen to the Great Compromise, or else all that we fought for will surely disband and fall apart.

Surely without out compromise, “our beloved nation will die!”


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