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Paul, Grant, Luke, Ben, Justin, Devan, and Evan

Group Members and Roles
  • Devan - Leader/writer and debater
  • Evan - Speech
  • Justin - [[#|Photography]] and Radio PSA
  • Luke - Social Media
  • Paul - Journalist
  • Grant - Filmmaker and Radio recorder
  • Ben - Logo and Brochure

Group Slogan:

Equal Rep. is the Right Step!

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

The New Jersey Plan calls for equal representation and power for all states at the national government level, along with the government having three branches with checks and balances. It also calls for the national government to have control over taxation and the economy. The final major item of the plan is that laws made at the national level should hold precedence over those made by an individual state.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

-Three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial.

-A unicameral legislative branch composed of representatives selected by state legislatures.

- All states will have equal representation in the legislative branch.

-Legislative branch elects the officials in the executive branch.

- The Executive branch will have no power to veto, and will be composed of seve

ral people.

- Supreme Court members will be selected by the executive, and will be appointed for life.

- The national government will be able to levy taxes and import duties, and regulate trade.

-State laws will be subordinate to federal laws.

Orator: Text of Your Speech

The Jersey Plan
Esteemed members of Congress, I would first of all like to thank you for allowing my colleagues and I to come up with a new set of ideas for discussion, and hopeful approval for the constitution. I am here to pitch to you [[#|[[#|a plan]]]] created to preserve the rights and liberties that we have fought so bravely for. A plan than brings equal representation to all of the states in our new government; because all 13 states fought to earn our freedom from Great Britain, and if we are to create a government for the people by the people we must represent all equally. I present to you fellow congressmen, The New Jersey plan.

America is on the brink of destruction underneath the Articles of Confederation, and it is time to [[#|move on]] from that, it is time to become the dominant world power we are destined to be. To do and become everything we aspire to be we must have money, and that is something we are obviously lacking. A federal government that is able to tax imports and the sale of certain goods will be the first step towards having more money. This government will be composed of three branches: the Legislative branch, the Judicial branch, and the Executive branch. The three branches of government will operate under a series of checks and balances which will prohibit any one branch from rising above the other two. We hope to have an executive branch consisting of several people elected by Congress, although they would have no power to veto, essentially ridding of the possibility of any dictator like control. The legislative branch would be a unicameral (Consisting of one house) that is made up of two representatives per state. These representatives would be elected by the state legislatures, the number of representatives would not vary by the size of the state in contrast with the Virginia plan. If each state were to be represented by their population we may as well only stitch 8 stars onto our [[#|flag]]; the larger more populous states would have much more influence the younger smaller ones thus bringing unequal representation. All that the Virginia plan has to offer is the road back to the powerful few controlling the majority, and I know that our brothers would not have wanted to die for our rights just to have them bullied and taken away from us. The Supreme court or Judicial branch will be made up of representatives appointed by the executive branch, and would be employed for life. They will deal with [[#|cases]] of piracy, problems on the seas, disputes between states, and capture cases. In order to unite the nation everyone must abide by the rules no matter how wealthy, or how powerful, or where they live. The states are allowed to create their own individual sets of laws, but those will always be subordinate to Federal laws.
After ripping off the chains of British oppression, we find ourselves in a fragile situation, a fragile situation that calls for the most important decision of our history as a nation. I must stress that our country did not shed so much blood for this precious freedom we are blessed to call ours to be crippled by unequal representation. So, fellow colleagues, we have a decision to make, and I leave you with this, to be or not to be equal? That is the question.
EQUAL REP. IS THE RIGHT STEP!!! Thank You for your time.


Why Our Plan is Good:

Our plan is good because it allows for equal separation of power to all states. It ensures that the United States does not become dominated by the ideals of the most populous states, who may not properly represent the ideals of the entirety of the populous of the nation. It also creates a system of government where things can be done quickly and clearly with a one house legislature.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

When we created this great nation of the United States of America, we imagined it to be a world of equality and prosperity. We had a new-found hope in our land, one which was instilled into the hearts of every man, woman and child. We all had dreams that we knew now could be accomplished in this new country, dreams that couldn't come true anywhere else. Unfortunately, things didn't go at all as planned. Our countries’ new government was tough to start up. We found many flaws in our system, and we knew that it was time to revise and change our original system. The founding fathers and high ranking politicians of our great nation met one summer in Philadelphia to not only ratify the previous Articles of Confederation, but also to build a completely new document from scratch. Within the new documents contains all of the rights and laws to our great nation. Many of these laws were discussed and voted on by the people on that hot summer, and still live on today. One of the most important of them all was how the states got representation to vote on matters. The two sides of this argument were the honorable New Jersey Plan, which wanted to grant freedom and equality for all states by having two representatives for every state, and the puerile Virginia Plan. The New Jersey plan was a plan built “by the people, for the people”-Evan. The New Jersey Plan fought for the equality of all of the United States, for everyone to have a say, for everyone to feel included, because if not “ we are more tyrannical than King George”-Joanne. We must avoid an utter dictatorship like that under King George, and find a “common ground and start from their”-Ariana. Instead of having the perfect government, we are challenged by the Virginia Plan. Those insane people thwart our plans by making one of their own that they claim to be the “wisdom of Montague”-Jonathan. They believe that the state should be represented by the population of the people rather than equality for all states by having two representatives. By doing this, they put down many people’s dreams of becoming an equally represented country, and all they want to do is “play monopoly”- Jonathan. I believe that the Virginia Plan will cause our country to go in a downwards spiral of the government, and our hope in the New Jersey Plan is what is keeping the people of small states still hopeful about our future. We must inspire people to fight for their rights as a new found nation, to fight for their homes and families, to fight for liberty! People of the Congress, think reasonably. “Do you think a mouse can fight a lion?”-Evan. This is what it feels like to be us; the smaller less privileged states, but my God we will fight for our equality so that our new country will not “crumble and fall”- Ariana. It only takes one vote from each of you, and remember this, “Equal Rep. is the Right Step!”


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