Madi S., Sarah, Elaine, Alison, Maddie K., Shelly, and Ariana

Group Members and Roles

  • Allison C- Speech presenter/actor/debate helper/vocal artist/oxiclean enthusiast
  • Madi S.- Social Media
  • Shelley L.- Graphic; Brochure/Handout/Flyer
  • Elaine P. - Debator
  • Sarah F.- Speech Writer
  • Ariana S.- Moviemaker/ PSA actor/ Photographer
  • Maddie K.- Socail media/ Moviemaker

Group Slogan

They're just as human as you and me

They all deserve to be set free

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What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

Not only do we want slavery abolished, but we also want equality. We want the gap in social status between the black man and the white man to close. We want former slaves participating with their previous slaveowners in Congress. We want to give slaves the right to vote, along with the other rights granted by the Declaration of Independence. If "all men are created equal", why are Africans not included in the the term "men"? Were we not all created by one God?

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • The Declaration of Independence already states that "all men are created equal" and "that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights", which are "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness". Congress must first reach a consensus that blacks are not excluded from this statement, and believing that they are rightfully excluded is hypocrisy.
  • Congress must hold a meeting, free from any crimes such as making the meeting place far away from Northern supporters to tire them into submission. This would also be hypocrisy. They must agree that having an economy based on slaves is detrimental. It shows that we cannot survive financially without relying heavily on unpaid labor. And even with this, we struggle. We need to stop relying on others, and work on our problems on our own in order to become a successful, prospering nation that will live for centuries to come.
  • Congress can not and should not come to any compromise that still ends with the black man less equal to the white man. Although the 3/5 Compromise is a step up from no representation whatsoever, if we keep making "compromises" like these, we are still not changing our overall attitude of thinking we are superior. Even the act of making this compromises without any say from our darker-skinned brothers is a crime, as it means we deem them unfit and unworthy to have representation.
  • Finally, we as Americans must come to agreement that blacks and whites are just the same: people. Because without any changes in our minds, we will not see physical changes in our country.

Orator: Text of Your Speech

People of America, friends, brethren, and families, I address you today in the hopes that you may come to a new understanding of this delicate issue. Men and women are beaten, whipped, and mistreated. Innocent children are torn from their mothers and sold like an animal into the hands of an unforgiving master. Their backs become red and sore from the many lashes they have been forced to withstand. Why do humans behave with such malevolence? Are we not a kind and forgiving species?

The only characteristic that separates us from our slaves is the pigment of our skin. They still have beating hearts, thoughtful minds, and intriguing personalities. There is no acceptable excuse for this sin. Owning another human being as if they were a piece of furniture is repugnant. Who gave white people the permission to act superior towards the blacks? God? But He created the white-skinned people just like he created the black-skinned. Doesn’t that already make us alike?
The Declaration of Independence was written for the people of North America and clearly states that “all men are created equal”. It is not limited to those of us with light skin. All of us are entitled to “unalienable Rights” such as “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Every single one of us who lives in the United States of America should be free to advance our lives in search of these qualities. The right to life means that no one should have to dread the approaching day. No one should have to live in fear of being yelled at, abused, or worked agonizingly until they drop dead. The right to liberty should allow all people, white or black, young or old, man or women, me or you, to have control of our own lives. To get paid for the work we do, allowed to come and go from our homes, and have no one to call “master”. The right to the pursuit of happiness should be available for everyone. We should all be appreciated for our dedication, rewarded for our triumphs, and forgiven for our mistakes.
I, having once been a slave owner, am ashamed with myself because I did keep bold souls in my house as servants. I am most proud to say that I have relieved them of their entitlement to me, and set them out into the world as free people. Many states have already been decreasing the amount of slavery, and some have even abolished slavery all together. But I will not be fully satisfied until the states and their populaces unite to eliminate slavery completely.
Blacks, just like whites deserve to have equality. We all deserve a chance at a full and successful life, and deserve to be treated like the unique people we have become. Children shouldn’t be disconnected from their mothers, families should be able to continue to share their love together without the fear of losing one another, and the states should remain united. Together we worked hard to end the oppression of the King, and together once again, we can work to end slavery.

Why Our Plan is Good

Abolishing slavery will prove that we can survive financially without relying on unpaid labor, like the other great countries. We will become a successful, prospering nation that will live for centuries to come by being accountable for our own actions. The British were sure our usage of slaves would be our downfall, and we must not make it so. Also, with more free citizens, Congress would have the power to tax more people (equally), thereby lessening our economic conflict. Freeing slaves would both open up paying jobs for the ones in need and shorten the economic gap bet
ween the powerful plantation owners and the plebeians. This would make a more democratic government in the South, as the almost oligarchy held by the wealthy would dissolve and a middle class would be created. Furthermore, accepting blacks as equal will make us a more humble nation as well, allowing us to recognize that we are flawed and help us overcome our other mistakes. But most importantly, abolishing slavery will make us more humane.


Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

The Constitutional Convention that commenced on October 1, 2013 looked quite promising right from the start. Delegates from all over the colonies gathered in Mr. Geib’s class to discuss solutions to many problems facing the new country. Speeches were given from delegates representing Virginia and New Jersey that presented two different ways of representation in Congress. Virginia, being a large and populous state, wanted representation by population, while New Jersey, a less-populous state, pushed for equal representation. Good points were made from both sides, yet neither side could agree on the solution. However, in the next speech, a compromise was proposed. It stated that in order to move forward united as one nation we must bargain and reason as brothers until we reach an agreement.
Then it came time for our speech, given by Virginia’s very own delegate, Mr. George Mason. He encouraged the other delegates to fight to end slavery because America was built on the fact that all men are created equal, whether it be black or white. Blacks should have the same opportunities to work as whites do, and we should all be able to live together in this new nation as brothers. But the Dixiecrats had other opinions. They tried to convince the other delegates that God himself said it was alright for whites to own slaves, and that the entire American economy depends on slavery. Mr Pinckney of South Carolina claimed that he worked hard for everything he owns, yet in reality, his slaves that do all the work, and even though he flogs them, they still love him. He also stated that he gives his slaves holidays (um no) and serves them. Making them work tirelessly every day in their lives without giving them a single cent isn't serving them. Thankfully, us Crispus Adducks had support from other states to end slavery, but the Dixiecrats were not going to go crashing down without a fight.
After all the speeches had concluded, delegates decided they would debate and try to sort out these conflicts. New Jersey and Virginia made little progress in the dispute over representation, but finally the Great Compromise won out and both parties were satisfied. Then things started to get interesting. Jimmy, one of the slaves of Charles Pinckney of South Carolina, proceeded to tell our Mr. Mason that he was treated well, and that he had gotten a good education from his loving master. We couldn't believe that this selfish, stuck up white master had brainwashed his slave into thinking he was inferior and therefore dependent on his master. We pitied him, and we swore we would try to set him free. But Jimmy argued that he would have no where to go if he was free. Jimmy, I wish someone told you this, but you would not have to leave your “loving” master. You could just enjoy the same rights as he has, and continue to work for Mr. Pinckney, as long as he pays and takes care of you.And please don’t think he serves you. Remember you serve him, and you have the ability to make his farm prosper, or let it rot and perish. Mr. Pinckney adds to our rage by adding that white people are people too. WHO HAS THE AUDACITY TO SAY SUCH A RACIST THING?! We just could not continue to argue with such arrogant pinheads after that comment..Mr. Mason concluded the convention with the point that Mr. Pinckney had been faking the Southern accent the entire time. Who knows what else he might have made up, although we have a pretty good number of ideas...


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