Jameson, Chrystal, Trevor, Sandra, Will, Cami, and Carlos

Group Members and Roles

  • Jameson M., Speech Writer-Radio Writer
  • William H., Speech Presenter-Morale Booster
  • CVC2, Debator
  • Cami B., Journalist
  • Sandra M., Social Media
  • Trevor O., Video and Picture Media
  • Chrystal G., Pamphlet-Graphic and Mailer

Group Slogan


What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

  • Do not abolish the legality of slaves.
  • 3/5 Vote for each Negro to allow for population compensation in the South.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Stabilizing the American economy.
  • Allowing for our debts to be paid off.
  • This will be done through the income farming provides
  • Slaves as the continued work force.

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Good afternoon fellow delegates. My name is Charles Pickney, representative of the Dixiecrat Bloc, delegate of hard-working South Carolina, and proud farmer and plantation owner.

We, America, are in the most crucial stage in the development of our young nation. Right here, right now, we can choose if we want to lay the seeds for a new world power or let everything we’ve worked so hard for go to ruin.

I was born in Charlestown, South Carolina. Down there, we do things the Southern way. We rise early, work till dusk, and sow the seeds of our country’s future. We put the food on your plates and work hard for it to get there. It’s not an easy way of life, but it’s our way of life and it’s been like this for many generations. Fellow delegates, look to your bowl, look to your pipe, and look to your daily attire. Rice, tobacco and cotton are all a way of life for America, and not just the South.

We all know that America is not in its best state after our Revolution, and we as farmers are in one of our worst financial setbacks. The British and even the Colonial armies stole food from our lands to feed dangerously hungry troops, and while we’re more than obliged to help you all out, we cannot take any more economic hardship right now. Trade is at an all-time low; debts are at an all time high. The South is hurtin’, and our economy is hurtin’.

As a birthing nation, it is imperative that we maintain strong, healthy, and prosperous relations with our allies. We owe massive war debts to Spain and France, and along with restrictions to trading with the British, we cannot afford to cripple the income that farming provides. These debts and economic inflation will be felt by every father, every mother, every child, every American, free or enslaved. If something were to happen that would damage the Southern way of life, that hit will be felt all across our country.

Now, obviously, we don’t do most of the actual farming ourselves. We use Negroes to carry out this labor, but unlike how most of you think, they aren’t enslaved. Our Negroes are fed well, treated well, and cherish their healthy Christian lives. I can personally attest to the fact that they are better off here than in Africa, where they might otherwise be dead or hunting some insects to get a morsel of food. Here they have Christ, and in Christ they are safe and healthy.

In fact, many Negroes in the South own slaves themselves. My boy Jimmy over here *points to Carlos* helps manage my plantation. I give my Negroes opportunity, opportunity to rise up and become a slave manager. Ain’t that right Jimmy? *Yessir, yes Mas’r*. You Northerners like to describe our slaves as rebellious, oppressed, miserable lots of Negroes who just want to run away and get freedom. We give them a holiday now and then, and a garden to grow some of their own crops, and even food and treats at the year’s end. We know that to keep our country happy, we have to keep our Negroes happy.

Really, our Negroes rely on us as much as we rely on them. Without us, the Negro would turn over to some religious idol and run rampant in the forests like rapid stray dog, muddled and untamed. In the plains of Africa, not one Negro would last more than a week, especially when they have lost the word of God. Seven hundred thousand Negroes depend on us, their masters, to deliver them supper each night; if they can’t work, then they can’t deliver YOUR supper each night. So I pray to you, you MUST allow us to continue serving these Negroes, for our country, for our culture, and for their wellbeing.

Delegates, you have to understand: Abolishing (ay-boh-lishing) slavery is the abolishment of the United States! If you abolish slavery in such a time of economic hardship, we will have no choice but to SECEDE or stand by to watch this country fail and crumble to the ground! Them delegates in the Crispus Attucks coalition just don’t understand, most of that lot hadn’t never been in the South or even seen how we treat our Negroes! Them abolitionists (ay-boh-lishon-nists) ignore the fact that owning slaves is an individual choice on the individual state level, a choice granted by God to his people! In Leviticus 25:45 it states that, “ you may buy male and female slaves from among the nations that are around you”. Would you dare disobey and challenge the authority of God, and challenge him to strike down upon you?!? Because Negroes are half of our Southern population, we are willing to allow for the Negro to count as three fifths a vote in congress. With such a compromise, we demand that you listen to us, before it is too late! Imagine, delegates, 700,000 slaves freed and jobless, imagine: Negro children and women dying from want of bread, too weak to be hired. Save them from grief and take notice that this policy of slavery will in no means strip you of your own rights or rob your pockets blind. You may choose as you please what to do with your own people, but we *gesture vaguely to our group* must cultivate our land with Negroes, or South Carolina and the rest of the South will be nothing but a desert waste. Delegates, keep the needs of the South in your mind and on your plates. Keep Calm and Slave On!




Why Our Plan is Good:
It allows for the recovering of our economy, while guaranteeing the continuing stable lifestyle of the Negro and all Americans.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

Ideas, arguments and eventually paper could be found thrown every which way on this eventful day of October 1, 2013. America finally gathered its best and brightest to answer the calling of democracy, acknowledging the struggling breaths gulped by Articles of Confederation were soon to halt. Each brought the ideas and grievances of their native state, whether it dealt with representation in the government or the average rights entrusted to the good people of this country.
The speeches of the five coalitions were soon followed by debates and a bit of propaganda from a few of groups were shown as well.
Beginning with the Virginia Plan, a delegate passionately proclaims to hold the key to America's success all the while remaining anonymous. After looking past his lack of repute, it became clear he indeed have some valid points on the necessity for America to "stand for the rights of the citizens." Continually, he addressed the representatives with the seriousness of equal representation throughout the states, stressing the absurdity that one man could outvote a company of thousands due to an omitted policy. They wanted to crush the New Jersey Plan.
However, as the New Jersey Plan stepped up to the podium, a new light in regards to representation was focused on the faults of the proposed Virginia Plan, namely the controversy of seeking equality while at the same time discarding a small state’s guaranteed rights. They stated that this distribution of power would only grant the largest states tyrannical power and cause the gradual infringement of the small states votes until none existed at all.
After the New Jersey plan came the Great Compromise. Their goal was to create a righteous government and maintain the goal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They mainly focused on persuading everybody to come together and to stop fighting. They addressed the want for New Jersey and Virginia to stop fighting and for a compromise to be made before them. “Put aside our differences. One nation, one body, one soul. How can we rise while divided?” All they want is a compromise. Is that so hard?
It was not until the speeches of the ignorant Crispus Atticks coalition that any preposterous ideas were to be debated. Previously to this point, those within the Dixiecrat Bloc sat quietly and respectfully so that a peaceful agreement might be held. But as soon as these hypocrites put the rights of property not even theirs above the deserving populous of our great nation, the Dixiecrats could be silent no longer. After mere seconds the faction had berated accepted ways of life with boorish accusations and illogical reasoning. “He created the white-skinned people just like he created the black-skinned.” Through this logic, chickens and oak trees are our equals as well, for they too were created out of the dust of the Earth. They speak of disgust for our slaves and state that we whip and mistreat and force harsh labor upon them. That is not true! Our slaves are treated kindly and they respect us.“The right to life means that no one should have to dread the approaching day. No one should have to live in fear of being yelled at, abused, or worked agonizingly until they drop.” Our slaves don’t fear the day they will die from being worked to death. We don’t beat our slaves nor do we speak to them with asperity. Like our representative, Charles Pickney stated, “Delegates in the Crispus Attics Coalition have never even been to the South and see how we interact with our Negores.”
And finally, the best for last was us Dixie Crats. Slavery supporters whose goal is to keep slavery for as long as possible because we know our nation will prosper because of it. As the Crispus Attics so forcefully said we don’t do, we treat our slaves well. We give them food, a shelter over their heads, and vacations. We don’t work them to death. Our slaves respect us and want to make sure we are happy, so in turn, we return the favor. They are content with their lifestyle and the fact that they have God as well. We rightfully proved with a living slave as witness during the convention that we treat our slaves as humans and with kindess. For that, our slaves are happy to be working on our plantation.



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