Ayla, Danyella, Hannah, Jeanie, Isabella, and Noah.

Group Members and Roles

  • Jeanine - Group Leader/Speech writer, Video PSA, Radio PSA
  • Isabella -Video PSA, Radio PSA, secondary speech writer
  • Hannah - Journalist
  • Danyella - Graphic Designer and Photographer
  • Noah - Brochure and handout
  • Ayla - Debater, social media

Group Slogan

Don't Fight When You Know What's Right!


What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

Plan for the new constitution as The Great Compromise (Connecticut plan.) We want to be a strong and joyful nation and this can only be achieved through a compromise. If we combine the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan, we can make both sides happy by appeasing Virginia with the House of Representatives and New Jersey with the Senate. The unity we strive to obtain in our adolescent country can only be gained through compromise. The Great Compromise.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Get New Jersey and Virginia to act like adults and stop arguing

  • Convey to them that The Great Compromise will benefit both of them

  • Explain to them the idea we have for congress: Senate and House of Reps

  • Persuade everyone to come together as one, strong and unified country


Brothers, comrades, lend me your ears. We gather here today, not as thirteen colonies, but as one united nation. We fought long and hard to achieve the freedom we proudly posses today. It is with our blood, sweat and tears that the United States of America is founded on. With this freedom, it is our duty to create a righteous and just government. It is our obligation to protect our precious rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We as a nation, need to be well represented, in a voting system that will be well balanced and benefit each and every state; that will benefit each and every person in this country we call our home.

Our next step is to proceed onward and continue in our endeavor to ensure a bright future for our children and our grandchildren and our great grandchildren and so on and so forth! My fellow countrymen, our future is in our hands, our callused, bloodstained and capable hands. We are totally and completely able to mold a system in which our needs are met and the well being of us and our neighbors is kept intact. We must move forward. We must show the world that we are no longer bickering children, but educated, mature and well-rounded adults. We must rise above the one thing that keeps us from moving ahead. Because brothers, how can we rise when divided? How could we ever move forward while split in half?

My brethren, a compromise is needed. We need to act on what is important. We must act now if we wish to save this country from complete and total anarchy. The question is this: should there be equal or proportional representation in our government? Should we allow Virginia and all the larger states to have the ratio of representatives imitate their population count? Or should New Jersey, and all smaller states, have equal representation despite their lesser number of citizens? To Virginia, their plan seems the best fit for this country and the same goes for New Jersey. But friends, how can you not see the solution to your problem? It stands right before your eyes, just as I stand here before you today!

No viewpoint is superior. Both plans have been structured to run this county in the most efficient way possible. Can you not see the light my brothers? My fellow Americans, the answer lies within a compromise. If we combine each of these plans, we can successfully run a steady, strong, reliable and functioning government. No one has to win or lose. Neither small states nor big states must face defeat. This could be a win, win, win! A win for the Virginia Plan, a win for the New Jersey Plan and a win for America! Virginia must compromise. New Jersey must compromise. We must all work together as one unit. If New Jersey respects the difference in population and Virginia recognizes that each state should have equal representation, no matter it’s size, then gentlemen, we could make this work!

What was one of the most important reasons for us breaking away from Britain? Was it not representational inequality? My brothers, we fought together with strength and honor to change our way of living. We fought for freedom, for independence, for the right to govern ourselves in a mature and efficient way. We have broken the chains of oppression and freed ourselves from bondage. My fellow Americans, don’t let our fight be for nothing. We have come too far to fall apart now. We cannot set aside what we know is right. We cannot shrug off our duty of protecting this nation from destruction. That being said, the proposal I offer to you has the capabilities to combine both ideals to create a compromise for New Jersey and Virginia, for every large state and every small state.

Congress is the key to achieving the government we most certainly need. Through bicameral representation, the House of Representatives will work in harmony with the Senate. In the House of Representatives, states will have the capability to represent their union based on the size of their population. The Senate will allow two men, within their smaller state, to serve as representatives for each citizen within that state. Decisions shall be discussed, voted on and made within this system. They will be voted on by the two representatives from each state and passed by the two-thirds majority. Gentleman, I can visualize this as a reality for our country. I can see it now, and might I tell you, it is a beautiful sight to gaze upon.

So, my fellow Americans, my friends, my brothers, let us put aside our differences; let us let go of our bitterness; let us see the light. A light that shines from heaven above, that is leading in the direction of a compromise. My brethren, I believe I hear God himself, telling us that this is what’s meant to be done. The future of America weighs heavily on our shoulders, on my shoulders, on your shoulders, and yours and yours and yours! My men, we are the future. We are the example to our children and our grandchildren. We did not fight just to be seized by monarchy once again. Let us not give Britain the satisfaction of ruling over us once again! Let us join hands and use every ounce within us to unite as one body, one nation, one soul. My brothers, this is why we were put on this earth, this is why we are here, this is our purpose. We cannot be torn apart from one another. Together we must pledge our allegiance to this nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! I urge each and every one of you to come together, right now.

Don’t fight when you know what’s right. Peace for all.


Why Our Plan is Good:

The Great Compromise merges the best of each plans ideals. It’s the best of both worlds for Virginia and New Jersey! The legislature is bicameral. Bicameral means that there will be two houses of government. One will be based on population of the state and the other will have equal representation.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

“Don’t fight when you know what’s right.”

This past Tuesday, representatives of the Virginia Plan kicked off the Constitutional Convention. Mr. James Madison questioned, “should the minority lead the majority?” Well, New Jersey sure thinks so. Mr. William Patterson of New Jersey countered this statement, arguing that the Virginia Plan “squashes the freedom of smaller states.” Both sides supported their beliefs with well-rounded arguments and just points of concern. However, a compromise is still the answer.

Mr. Benjamin Franklin, representing the Compromise, pinpointed that we fought excruciatingly hard for our freedom, so why throw all that away and simply recreate the monarchy-type government which we despised so much? In his words, we are “no longer bickering children,” and should not act as such. Aren’t we one unified nation? Why does it not feel as if this rings true? “How can we ever move forward when split in half?” The conflicting beliefs of the New Jersey and Virginia Plans stop us in our tracks, preventing the full creation of the unified nation we have all dreamed about. “No viewpoint is superior,” and the Great Compromise truly is a “win-win.” “Both small and large states must compromise in order for a fair, just government structured in the best interest of all.”

Franklin then brought forward the proposition of two houses of government — the Senate and House of Representatives. The House would appeal to the bigger states, as the number of representatives would be based off of population. However, in the Senate, each state will get two representatives, regardless of population size. The Great Compromise truly is the perfect happy medium. Are we not “one country, one nation, one soul?” Isn’t freedom and equal representation what we were fighting for all along? Therefore, “the answer lies within a compromise.”

After the Virginia and New Jersey Plans shared, followed by the Great Compromise, next came the representative of the Crispus Attucks Coalition. Mr. George Mason spoke in what he believed to be the best interest of the slaves. His Coalition fought to “unite to eliminate slavery completely.” Cold, hard facts and intelligent arguments were brought to the table, reminding us that Americans are “owning a human being as if they were a piece of furniture,” who are then “worked until they drop dead.” Is this truly the America we wished to see? “Liberty and justice for all,” right? The Dixiecrat Bloc seemed to have other ideas.

Mr. Charles Pickney of the Dixiecrat Bloc spoke next. He “revealed,” oh-so-shockingly, that “farmers” do not do their farming themselves, but their slaves do. He argued that slaves “deliver your dinner,” and “abolishing slavery is to abolish America.” Weak arguments such as these poorly supported the Dixiecrat Bloc’s beliefs. We do not require slaves in order to have food on our plates at the end of the day. Any hard-working American could perform this task, so why do we subject African Americans to do all our work for us? Quite selfish if you ask me. In the words of Mr. George Mason, “we are all entitled to a life of freedom.” Does this not include your slaves? The word “slave” doesn’t really exactly light the spark of freedom. How can we stand as a unified nation where “all men are created equal” if we treat our darker-skinned brothers like animals?


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