Ben, Wyatt, Jason, Alexia, Jason, Kiley, Sarah C., Nicolle, Amanda, and Sakshi

Group Members and Roles

  • Leader: Wyatt (but really it's Ben)

  • Debater team: Ben and Wyatt

  • Writer and Orator: Kiley and Nicolle

  • Journalist: Sakshi

  • Photographer: Nicolle

  • Video PSA Director: Jason

  • Audio PSA Director: Jason

  • Graphic Designer: Alexia

  • Social Media Manager: Amanda

  • Brochure Designer: Sarah

Group Slogan

"The Sweet Scent of Senate"

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

Senate and a check and balance system of government with three separate branches.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Smaller states are important and should get equal representation
  • Senate with two representatives from each state.
  • Three branches: Judicial, Executive, Legislative
  • Checks and Balances

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Good morning, my fellow Americans. My name is William Paterson, and I represent New Jersey and the other small states of America.

I am humbled to stand before a nation as great as ours, that has succeeded in tearing itself from the clutches of a tyrant. And I am disgusted by the Virginia Plan. The Virginia plan effectively squashes the freedom of smaller states, that the proud citizens of this nation fought and gave their lives for, for nearly a decade. The "ideal" America laid out by the Virginia Plan is not what we had in mind when our brave soldiers bled to break the chains bestowed upon us by our motherland. Did we go to war just so James Madison could throw us back in to those same chains? No, and that is why I stand before this great nation, my fellow statesmen, to protect our intrinsic freedoms.

The state of Virginia wishes to outvote and overpower us. Their plan outlines a government in which the representation of a state is dependent upon its population. This cruelly unjust government would obviously favor Virginia, being more densely populated. Where does that leave the less populous New Jersey? Or Rhode Island? Or New Hampshire? Watching from afar as this new parliament taxes us without representation and attempts to put us in shackles? I plan to combat the oppressive Virginia Plan with the New Jersey Plan.

With the actualization of the New Jersey Plan would come three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial, which would operate through a system of checks and balances, preventing unequal power distribution. The legislative branch would consist of one Senate, made up of two representatives per state, who are to be elected by state legislatures. Unlike the Virginia Plan, the amount of representatives would not be dependant upon population, ensuring equality for every person in every state. Federal law would also overpower state law, so we do not face the hardships and disunity we once did during the battle for our rights.

This is where I bring my speech to a close, my good friends. I leave you to ponder what I have presented you with; and know, that it is now your responsibility to decide between equality and freedom, or slavery.


jersey the sweet scent of senate.jpg

Why Our Plan is Good:

Equal representation with no state having more power in government, while the branches are also balanced to equalize power.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

In the constitutional convention, held on Tuesday, September 30, five groups with contrasting views came in to voice their opinion. Of these included New Jersey and Virginia who fought tooth and nail, to make sure their ideas were well represented.

They came to deliver their message, and spread the “sweet scent of senate” to all, and that is exactly what they did. New Jersey delivered their powerful message with a strong speech, by Mr. William Patterson, that highlighted their wonderful points. Patterson made sure to note that his plan represented “equality for every person in every state” ,and this message was heard crystal clear by those around him. The New Jersey plan included 3 branches: executive, legislative, and judicial, which would be balanced by a system of checks and balances. A Senate would be made out from, 2 representatives out of every state, giving each state equal power, unlike the population based Virginia Plan.

Mr. James Madison, of the Virginia Plan also spoke in this event. Madison spoke with passion and claimed (rather boldly) that, “like Prometheus, I am showing you the light.” He also highlighted the key aspects of the Virginia plan; there would be three branches of government, and each state would get to choose a number of delegates based upon population.

The Great Compromise, wanted to combine both the ideas of New Jersey and Virginia, to form a fair middle ground. Their idea was to have a bicameral legislature, which would split the government into two sections: one representing population and the other equal representation.

Slavery was also a hot topic at the convention; Dixie Crat Bloc claimed that slavery was what kept the economy running and that their slaves were happy, while Crispus Attucks Coalition retaliated and claimed that slavery was wrong. Both sides fought whole-heartedly to defend their ideas.

This Constitution Convention, was truly a heated event where all sides expressed their views, and fought for what they stood for.


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