Joe, Jimmy, Ravi, Alex, Danny, Francisco, and Bryan
Francisco, Danny, Alex, Jimmy, Brian, Simon(not pictured), Ravi Muhammed Al idn Sina Abdallah, Joe

Group Members and Roles

  • Joe- Writer/Speaker/Editor
  • Ravi- Debater
  • Alex- Flyer

Group Slogan

"Represent Every Man with the Virginia Plan"

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

  1. Representation in Congress by number of delegates determined by number of population in the state

  2. 3 separate branches including the executive, legislative, and judicial

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • Fair Representation

  • Elect delegates according to population of the area

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Friends, delegates of the Constitutional Convention, we have fought together, bled together, and toiled together to bring upon us a new nation governed by the people, for the people. We have broken the bonds of which we were enslaved to, now it is time to get up and running as a free nation with government by consent of the governed. A representative
democracy must be installed. With the Articles of Confederation, a nation fated for supremacy is dwindling in power. We did not lose our brothers in an eight year war to return to our parent country, tail between our legs. I push for a stronger establishment in which power and people, may walk hand in hand. I push for: The Virginia Plan. With a system of checks and balances as well as the representation of delegates determined by the population across the nation.

If we do not learn for history, we are doomed to repeat it. The ruler of our parent country Great Britain easily overtook his country’s legislature, morphing a limited monarchy into a tyranny. Like the citizens of the Roman civilization before us, we have to create an organized Republic for the United States of American. A government that is not ruled by a king but by representatives of elected people coming together to lead the country. Our bill calls for three branches of government, each with checks and balances that they must adhere to. The names we shall put forth will be the judicial, the executive, and the legislative. The judicial shall judge those who have committed vice, ruled by a Supreme Tribunals in which the term is for life. The executive official will be voted in by the legislative branch, thus enforcing the laws and settlements. The last edition will be a legislative branch with two houses, members of one of the two legislative chambers would be elected by the people; members of that chamber would then elect the second chamber from nominations submitted by state legislatures.
As Prometheus before me, I am showing you the light. Before the independence, these are the policies carried out by the Congress before us titled the House of Burgesses and these policies have worked time and again. In the wake of a new nation, we must forge this one out of fairness. Population accounts for people, people have ideas and opinions, opinions matter to a country governed by the people. How can you accompany the many different opinions in the large population of a state such as Virginia with only two minuscule “representatives”? Should the minority lead the majority? My plan is to transmit the opinions of the different cliques, groups, religions, and nationalities. That is what this nation stands for. We stand for the rights of the citizens. We cannot represent the melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities in which this nation advertises by two delegates per state.
This is a call to action. We must take into account the common man outside these walls. Each with ideas, passions, and wants. We must incline to acquiest their request for freedom of government. It is time to stand by our values of a government by the people, for the people. With equal representation by population for the nation, we provide for every man, in the Virginia Plan.

Why Our Plan is Good:

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

With much hissing and booing coming from the New Jersey crowd, Mr. James Madison (Joe) enlightened the convention with his calls for equality under the Virginia Plan. He took the people of America into consideration. Representation by population lets the majority vote control the path of our nation. Is it right to have the "minority control the majority" -Joe, or should the votes of the majority be used?
As the New Jersey Plan representative Mr. William Patterson (Kiley) began to explain his plan, he hit his opponent hard with the comment "The Virginia Plan squashes the freedom of the smaller states" -Kiley. An aspect that seemed to be in agreement with was the "three branches of government with checks and balances". The war began when the New Jersey plan showed their concerns for "taxation without representation" because of the Virginia Plan's representation by population.
A bold introduction to the debate started with a shot from the Virginia plan stating that "The New Jersey plan is basically communism" -Virginia Plan. The New Jersey plan did give every state equal representation no matter the size, but they claimed it was necessary to insure that the big states did not "monopolize the government and let the legislative branch have all the power" -NJ.
The Great Compromise broke up the unprogressive squabble between the New Jersey and the Virginia Plans with the repeated idea that we cannot be "thirteen colonies, but a united nation" -Compromise. Both groups were humbled into considering a compromise after they were asked to "show the world that they are not bickering children, but mature adults" -Compromise. Eventually a loose decision was made that the New Jersey Plan would be implemented into the senate while the Virginia Plan would be implemented into the House of Representatives.
A plantation owner who supported the Dixiecrat Bloc brought his slave names Jimmy to the convention. Jimmy was happy to be a slave and followed his master's every orders. He constantly brought up the point that "God says that it is right to have slaves" -Jimmy. The plantation owner (Will) emphasized that the benefits of slavery is that it stabilizes the nation and the economy. "We can choose to sow the seeds of a new world power or let everything that we have worked for go to ruin", and "to abolish slavery is to abolish America" -Will.
The anti-slavery Crispus Attucks Coalition fought for the freedom of slaves in an emotional speech. They seemed non willing to meet a compromise as they stated "I will not be satisfied until our states unite to abolish slavery." Slaves "are entitled to inalienable rights", "the only thing that separates us (white men) from slaves is the pigment of our skin" -Anti-Slavery.


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