Casey, McKenna, Zach, Ethan, Nich, Grace, and Sasha.

Group Members and Roles

  • Casey Walker - Debater
  • Nick Vaughan - Speaker and Video Editor
  • Ethan Tan-Social Media and Radio PSA
  • Zach Plahn-Graphic Designer
  • McKenna Cole-Brochure and Photographer
  • Grace Stewart-Speech Writer
  • Sasha Poirier-Journalist

Group Slogan

- Small State, Big Plan

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What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution
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Bullet Points of Your Plan

-Unicameral legislature: one vote per state
-More power for smaller states-Maintains individual rights for the people-Congress can regulate trade and set taxes-executive branch selects the justices of the Supreme Court- The legislature appoints people to serve in the executive branch-Judiciary has no power over the states
- State Laws- government can enforce obedience to national laws
- Ratification is by the states

Orator: Text of Your Speech
My fellow Americans, I am here today to discuss the value of the New Jersey Plan. As you may have heard the Virginia plan benefits the larger states, but what about the smaller states. Yes we are small, but remember small states can have big plans.

We voyaged together to this country for religious freedom. We traveled together to this country to find economic freedom. We starved together to plant the seeds of this country. We held together against the king’s tyranny
and we fought together against the British on our land. We fought to one day gain these freedoms; why should we now give up our individual freedoms. Should we let our soldiers die in vain to give up our rights to the larger states which could end up being another tyrannical leader like George III.

This being said shouldn’t we want to stand together. In this freedom we won together. Let us stand together united to form a country like no other. However this will not happen if the Virginia plan prevails. The Virginia Plan is unfair and can easily be misused. The Virginia plan favors the larger states by wanting to establish bicameral legislature based on the size of each state. Virginia’s ideal way of working the nation would be having large groups of people gather to decide what taxes and policies everyone should follow. As a united country if we go through with this plan of action we could be faced with results no one wants. The Virginia plan can be manipulated by these groups of people to create an unequal system within the government. Many of my fellow Americans are terrified that the Virginia Plan allows larger states to have such control that it may evolve into a kind of monarchy, which is something this nation has just been fighting to get away from.
As an American I understand why you are terrified by the Virginia plan. My opponent James Madison may say he wants the best for this country, but if he does why is he instigating a plan where it only benefits larger states. In the Declaration of Independence it states that “All men are created EQUAL”. New Jersey stands for all the people in an equal matter, which is what this country was built on. That is why the great state of New Jersey has a plan.
In the New Jersey Plan we can create equality by having each state get one vote per law instead of it being based on size which is the unfair and un-American plan that Virginia is initiating. Therefore with the New Jersey plan, large states cannot over run states with less population.
As our founding fathers have declared all men are created equal. So if you are a true American, wouldn’t you want to help create a country based on “cordial unison”, for your children and their children’s future? That is why you need to vote for the New Jersey plan. Remember that small states have big plans.

Radio PSA

Why Our Plan is Good:

- 3 Branches of government

- national government allowed to levy taxes
- Equality for all states
- Creating a country based on "cordial unison"

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

At the constitutional convention many issues were discussed but very few were actually resolved. The Virginia plan stated that we, the New Jersey plan, are power hungry and we keep it all to ourselves, but aren’t we the ones who believe that everybody should be treated equally no matter what the population is whether it be 700,000 or 27,000? Individual rights are way more important than population. Unlike Virginia, we believe in the sanctity of our citizens, by protecting them under the Constitution and allowing them to be represented like any other country. Population played a huge factor in the debate because it was discussed that it is unfair that 700,000 people should be represented equally along with 27,000 people, but think about it, it doesn’t matter how many people there are, there should be one vote per state no questions asked, because as a state they should all agree and become one as a whole.

We are all human beings and by having large states rule over the smaller states, it sets up a scenario related to bullying. By having this big person giving you guidelines on how you can vote, it doesn’t give the smaller person the choice to live their life and be like everybody else. Each state should have the same value, as William Patterson argues but then one opponent agreed with Patterson while the other disagreed with his own congressional member, how professional is that, it looks like they don’t have the same view on how their state should be represented, so what does that say about other important issues as well? Is the Virginia plan and its members falling out of agreement?

We used to be ruled by a tyrannical leader, King George III, and now that his rule has ended we are trying to work our way forward into a state based on cordial unison, spoken by our founding fathers and by agreeing with the Virginia plan, we are heading in the wrong direction of success.
When bringing up the fact that 700,000 vs. 27,000 people should mean that Virginia is all powerful and mighty, we were rudely shot down because they believe that since they have more people in their state, they should be more powerful and as of now they should be worth more than New Jersey. This perfectly relates to the poker chip scenario, if two men walk into a casino and hand the dealer the same amount of money, is the dealer going to hand the same amount of money to this huge muscle builder dude, compared to a scrawny 5 foot man? In the eyes of the New Jersey plan the dealer would, because no matter what they look like or how much strength they have, they are all created equally but according to the Virginia plan the big guy would get a moderately grander amount because he is bigger and better and “deserves” the larger amount.

“We will squash you,” spoken by the leader of the Virginia plan, were used in a very immature nature when stating that we, the New Jersey plan, will succeed rather than coming to agreement with the VA plan. Then the valid point of, “weren’t we just fighting to get over all of this fighting?” (Patterson) was brought to the table because others need to know that not only do the Virginians want to be in more control but they want to cause a ginormous ruckus by having 700,000 of them knocking on all of the 27,000 doors of the New Jersians to pick fights, what immature careless individuals they are. Fighting is not the way to get your point across whether it be like Shay’s Rebellion or even the Civil War, the end result of these feuds don’t end well and there is no agreement that ends up being formed.

Later is was discussed that the Great compromise shares that the only way to make a bipartisanship is by taking parts of each plan and putting them together to make a compromise to base this one country off of the United States. For example, there would be a Senate with New Jersey plan, one vote for state, and there would also be a house of representatives, which would be based on majority of population, but VA strongly declined ever compromising with “them.” The one thing that VA did agree on is that it would be better that New Jersey would be a part of our country rather than part of the English empire, but said with a somber voice, “I guess that we can love our New Jersey brother.”

Compromise was partly agreed upon between the VA plan and the New Jersey plan, while much feud was still occurring, it was better for the country rather than the individual, which was the one area were VA compromised truly mattered to them.

We have done so much for our nation and it is time that New jersey steps up and does something good to be the bigger man for their nation,”(Virginian) we stand back and ask ourselves, has Virginia ever done good for their nation, bragging much??

(P.S How does raping your African American slaves have anything to do with unicorns?)

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