Stevi, Amanda, Susana, Canela, Sirisa, Claire, and Eva.

Group Members and Roles

  • Susannah Chilton, social media
  • Ema Dorsey, journalism
  • Sirisa Gauchan, brochure/flyer creator
  • Amanda Gilchrist, photographer
  • Canela Lopez, writer/ debater
  • Stevi Pell, audio and video
  • Claire Stockdill, graphic designer
  • Torie Dawson, speech

Group Slogan

Compromise is on your side!

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

We, the representatives in favor of The Great Compromise, plan on taking the best aspects of both the Virginia and New Jersey plans to create an equal and just constitution that incorporates a House of Representatives for the majority of the population and a Senate for equal representation. We would utilize bicameral legislature to ensure the stability of our great nation. This plan will engineer the unity, prosperity and integrity of our nation's government. If the United Sates is to remain an independent endeavor we must compromise.

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • to maintain a unified united States

  • combine the best aspects of the New Jersey and Virginia Plans to create an effective way of governing

  • Congress would consist of two houses: Senate and House of representatives

  • Population would determine the amount of representatives in the House of Representatives

Orator: Text of Your Speech

After years of conflict, we have at last disentangled ourselves from the control of our overbearing mother Britain, who, despite an outward appearance of grudging support, expects us to amount to nothing beyond childish disunity and feeble attempts at arranging for ourselves a place in the changing world. So far, our actions have only portrayed us as youthful and naive, scrambling for attention and recognition with no substantial power of our own to support our sauntering arrogance. But as an independent collection of diversely minded people, we have a choice: to either maintain our image as a childishly divided collection of ill-prepared colonies, or to grow up and unite around a common principle of cooperative democracy.

The solution is simple: Compromise- just do it.
We have come so far and have sacrificed so much to ensure the long-deserved liberty of our free and independent states, and, having gained independence, it is imperative that we succeed by our own devices and resources; however, we have a pressing issue that must be addressed:
The method of our country's government is far from being established.
New Jersey and Virginia have already presented plans that have the potential for a fundamental government. New Jersey has brought forth the idea of representation by state, while Virginia argues that representation based on population would be better. I commend you both for your ideas, however, I believe that, alone, these ideas are insufficient for forming a strong government. New Jersey states that the Virginia Plan unjustly serves them due to their small population and their belief that representation by population will give larger colonies too much power, which will lead them to become like our mother country, Britain. Virginia argues that the New Jersey Plan gives too much power to smaller colonies, and the minority is not fit to rule over the majority.
The solution is simple: Compromise
  • King George III sees us as children and expects us to act like them
    • Expects us to disagree (we must have our way to be happy) so we can prove him wrong by consenting to a compromise that serves the needs of all states.
  • A divided nation leaves us open to internal instability and outside interference.As we are preoccupied with government issues, the British are taking over our trade, flooding our country with their products and hurting our businesses.
    • Britain may determine that we cannot govern ourselves and may decide to intervene again.

We must compromise in order to form an adequate and functional government that justly serves the rights of the people. Consider a form of government that consists of a House of Representatives, which satisfies the Virginia Plan with representation by population and a Senate, and gives each state equal representation no matter the size or population. Each state will receive two representative senators.
As for the issue as to whether or not slaves should get a vote in the House of Representatives, we have decided that we should meet halfway and count slaves as three-fifths of a person.
Both the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan has the basis to form a successful government, but compromise not only bridges the gap between the two, but brings undeniable benefits. If we want our nation to grow and flourish, we must unite. We want equality, we want equal rights and we want the ability to govern ourselves. If we can't come together to accomplish this common goal, Britain will scorn us more. We fought long and hard for our independence; and many have given their lives for the success they believed America could be. Are we going to let down our brothers and fellow citizens who wanted nothing more than to see our independent states thrive? Are we going to give everything for our independence only to have it fall apart because we can't come to an agreement on the type of government we should have? No, we are strong. Failing would only show Britain that we are weak and incompetent when it comes to ruling ourselves. But we are not going to fail, we are the united States of America!

And remember, Compromise is on your side.

Why Our Plan is Good:

Idealistic and true the Great Compromise is integral for a strong nation and will guarantee our Constitution's success. It bases the foundation of the United States on bipartisanship rather than callow quarrel, and will ultimately create the stable building blocks needed to build our City on hill. The sovereignty of this nation relies solely upon the virtue of harmony. The social contract is fulfilled only by the Great Compromise.

Print Journalist: Write Up of Convention Activity

Opinions clashed and animosity arose at the Constitutional Convention debate at Richard Geib's classroom, this Tuesday. Representatives from each faction bickered and belittled their opponents; however, the astute Great Compromise representatives Canela Lopez and Torie Dawson refused to be disrespectful of their juvenile peers.

Before the debate was held, an orator from each faction gave a speech to the crowd. Some were more skillful orators than others.

"In the Declaration of Independence it states that all men are created eqwual," New Jersey rep, Nick Vaughen said.

His statement was greeted by scornful laughter, especially by the gregarious Virginians, who could not keep quiet for Vaughen's muddled speech.

Though most people listened to the speeches attentively, New Jersey orator, narcissistic Casey Walker pulled out his iPhone, perhaps to filter some of his selfie photos.

After the speeches were done, the debaters and orators from each faction assembled in the middle of the room.

The first two groups to squabble were the obnoxious Virginian representatives, Lucas Wiltjer and Cameron Karbun, and the obtuse New Jerseys, Nick Vaughen and Casey Walker.

Wiltjer repeatedly made a case that the New Jersey plan was unfair and unequal, stating that a smaller group's say in government should not be worth equal to the majority.

"Is it fair that seven hundred thousand people are represented by the same amount of votes of twenty-seven thousand?" Wilter asked, " No. You say you're for equality, but the numbers just don't add up."

To this, Vaughen gave a rather long and meandering response

"What we're trying to say under the New Jersey plan," he said, "Is that all people are created equal in their states, and it's not in their states, but all people are created equal and we are a country now, with equality and humans, and we're all in different states. So all states should be united under the same plan."

Walker gave a similar and more succinct response.

"We think individual rights and equality [are] more important than population," he said.

After this unsuccessful tangent, Geib invited the intelligent Lopez to join the dense conversation.

"Both sides offer valid points, but I think it's safe to say that neither can exist without the other," she said sensibly. "We need to make this a bipartisan country, and in order to do so, we must take the best of both sides and compromise."

Lopez further deepened her clever plan, explaining that there would be two houses for representation, one being the Senate which would take one vote per state, and a House of Representatives, which would be based on population.

The imbecile Virginians and New Jerseys continued to bicker anyway.

Sighing loudly and nodding to Lopez, Geib proceeded to the next topic on his list, which was slavery.

The pro-slavery representatives were Mahaila Woods and the extremely racist Nathan Staples. The Crispis Atticus faction representatives were Jared May and Baylee Gatlin. Both sides were considerably sassy to each other.

"[The Declaration of Independence] says that all men are created equal," May said to the Southerners, " And considering you have slaves, tell me, why do you hate America?"

Wood's response to this made rancor run high.

"It's not that we hate America," she started, and when May interrupted her she said visciously, "Shut up."

The Atticus representatives continued to argue their point based on morals and bits from the future; May predicted that an African American named Frederick Douglass would be born, and Gatlin smartly foresaw the Civil War.

Staples was unconvinced.

"If we just gave them money, they wouldn't know what to do with it because they're stupid," he said bluntly, "They would just wander the streets, not knowing where to go."

May objected.

"A Negro is a bro," he said quite eloquently.

May then proceeded to question Staples on the morals behind the "Mulattos," slaves who were half Black and half White, conceived by wicked, white plantation owners- like Staples- and their female slaves.

To this, Staples replied rather quite frankly.

"Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about," he said. "[Mulattos] are just rumors, it's kinda like the unicorn."

Note from the editor- All quotes were taken off a recorder and were double-checked for accuracy after copied. I am deeply sorry if what you said offends you. But after all, this is only a project.


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